I’m excited to announce that the Evidence Based Birth® Podcast is officially live in iTunes and Stitcher! 

I would love for as many of you as possible to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. I would suggest writing a sentence or two about what you enjoy about the podcast or about EBB in general, and what you would tell a friend considering a listen.

Here are the quick and easy instructions!

For iPhone and iPad users, click here to go directly to the EBB podcast (you’ll need to have the purple “Podcast” app downloaded). Click “subscribe” at the top. Next, scroll all the way down to the bottom. Click on “Write a Review.” Tap the desired star to give EBB a ranking. Then, write something about me, the podcast, or EBB. Your review won’t show up for a few hours, so don’t panic if it seems like nothing happened.

Note: If you are new to Podcasts on Apple devices, you will need to download the iTunes “Podcast” app to your device. It’s free, and the icon is purple with a microphone on it.

For Android users, click here to go directly to the EBB podcast (you’ll need to have the Stitcher app downloaded). You might need to click on “Open in Stitcher” at the top of your screen (I’m not sure– I don’t have an Android to test this on!). Once you’re in Stitcher, click the plus (+) icon found on the right upper portion of the podcast to add that podcast to your playlist. Next, click where it says “Reviews.” Click the “Write a Review” button and write something about me, the podcast, or EBB.

Note: If you are new to Podcasts on Android, you will need to download the Stitcher app. It’s free, and the icon has a white background with a stripe of colors on it.

On a computer, click here to go directly to the podcast (you’ll need to already have the iTunes app on your computer), then click the blue button that says “View in iTunes.” This will open up the podcast in iTunes on your computer. Then click on “Ratings and Reviews.” Click to rate and then click the button to leave a review!

Why start an Evidence Based Birth® Podcast?

In the U.S., 112 million people listen to a podcast at least once a year, and 42 million people listen to podcasts weekly. Podcasting is a great medium to reach people about our EBB message. If you haven’t started listening to podcasts, I encourage you to start! It’s kind of like a free radio show. There are all kinds of podcasts you can listen to– if you have a hobby, there’s probably a podcast about it!

The first 3 episodes of the EBB Podcast are a sort of “Intro to EBB,” and the next 4 episodes cover important topics like membrane sweeping, vaginal exams, and placenta encapsulation. To start at the beginning, you’ll want to scroll down to the very bottom and start from there. I plan to release a new episode each week. 

I really believe this is going to be a game-changer for EBB. Thank you for helping us spread the word! 



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