The Evidence Based Birth® Podcast

In the Evidence Based Birth® Podcast, we cover the research evidence on hot topics about pregnancy and childbirth! Our mission is to raise the quality of childbirth care globally, by putting accurate, evidence based research into the hands of families and communities, so they can make informed, empowered choices. This show is perfect for anyone interested in birth options, from expecting parents to experienced birth professionals.

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Episode Index

EBB 1: Intro to Evidence Based Birth®️
EBB 2: What is evidence based care?
EBB 3: Why it’s so hard to get evidence based care
EBB 4: Waterbirth and the newborn microbiome
EBB 5: Evidence on prenatal vaginal exams
EBB 6: Pros and cons of membrane sweeping
EBB 7: Evidence on placenta encapsulation
EBB 8 – Overview of pain management during labor
EBB 9 – Epidural during Labor for Pain Management
EBB 10 – ARRIVE study
EBB 11 – Evidence on: Waterbirth
EBB 12 – Epidurals and Breastfeeding
EBB 13 – Epidurals and 2nd stage
EBB 14 – Injectable Opioids
EBB 15 – Nitrous oxide
EBB 16 – Movement and Positions
EBB 17 – The Evidence on: Birthing Positions
EBB 18 – Painless Birth
EBB 19 – Childbirth Class
EBB 20 – Water immersion
EBB 21 – Doula
EBB 22 – Rise of Home Birth in the U.S.
EBB 23 – Home Birth Midwives
EBB 24 – Behind the Scenes
EBB 25 – Acupuncture and acupressure
EBB 26 – Aromatherapy
EBB 28 – Childbirth Education
EBB 29 – Sterile Water Injections
EBB 30 – Fetal Monitoring
EBB 31 – Hypnosis
EBB 32 – About EBB Signature Articles
EBB 33- What’s next for EBB
EBB 34 – Massage
EBB 35 – Music
EBB 36 – Rebozo
EBB 37 – Relaxation
EBB 38 – Breathing
EBB 39 – Wrap Up
EBB 40 – Interview Traci Weafer
EBB 41 – Interview with Juliet Swedlund
EBB 42 – Interview Katie Rachanow
EBB 43 – Interview April Oglesby
EBB 44 – Doula support for adolescent parents
EBB 45 – How do peanut balls support labor?
EBB 46 – Creating a Supportive Birth Community with Kelsi Kennedy
EBB 47 – Creating a Listening Birth Circle with Jenn D’Jamoos
EBB 48 – Induction When Your Water Breaks at Term
EBB 49 – What are the birth implications for a suspected big baby?
EBB 50 – How does maternal age affect pregnancy and birth?
EBB 51 – How accurate are due dates and what impact do they have?
EBB 52 – What role should men play in birth?
EBB 53 – Reaching Underserved Populations with Education and Doula Support
EBB 54 – The Wide-Reaching Effects of Birth Trauma with Krysta Dancy
EBB 55 – Advocating for Evidence Based Care with Carissa Hipsher
EBB 56 – Listening to Black Midwives: Ms. Charlotte Shilo-Goudeau
EBB 57 – Connecting the birth community in Hawai’i with Courtney Carangian
EBB 58 – Using Knowledge to Navigate Birth with New Parents Annamarie and Drew
EBB 58 – Sneak Peek of EBB in 2019!
EBB 59 – Diagnosing Gestational Diabetes
EBB 60 – Get to Know the New Evidence Based Birth®️ Childbirth Class!
EBB 61 – Using Knowledge to Navigate Birth with New Parents Annamarie and Drew
EBB 62 – Facing an unplanned Cesarean with parent Michelle Wilson
EBB 63 – Unexpectedly Easy Birth with New Parents Nichole and Todd
EBB 64 – Building trust during birth with parent Caley O’Brien
EBB 65 – Navigating the Hospital Birth System with Midwife Afua Hassan
EBB 66 – Empowering Birth in Underserved Populations with CNM Olivia Favela-Gary
EBB 67 – Hear two special announcements from Evidence Based Birth®️
EBB 68 – Meet Mr. EBB!
EBB 69 – Facing a difficult birth with knowledge and empowerment
EBB 70 – Meet the EBB Team!
EBB 71 – Birth and Positive Masculinity with Ben Atkinson
EBB 72 – Confidence to Face Changing Birth Plans with Heather Hyden and Jimmy Earley.
EBB 73 – Learn all about the hospitalist role with Dr. Nicole Rankins
EBB 74 – Hearing Black Moms’ Voices in the Birth World with Michelle Gabriel-Caldwell
EBB 75 – Birth in Twilight Sleep – the Experiences of Rebecca’s Mom
EBB 76 – Pushing Through Anxiety in Birth with Parent Emily Fleenor
EBB 77 – Nurses Can Make Labor More Comfortable
EBB 78 – The Evidence on Labor Induction for Gestational Diabetes
EBB 79 – Life of a Doula Part 1 – from cesarean to VBAC
Bonus Episode 1- My new book title is …
EBB 80 – Life of a Doula Part 2 – a lightning-fast birth!
Bonus Episode 2 – What type of book did I write?
EBB 81 – Doula Part 3: the Emotional Journey of Birth
Bonus Episode 3 – An exciting photo shoot with babies and pizza boxes!
EBB 82 – Two Dads’ Insights on Birth and Starting a Family
Bonus Episode 4 – The Emotional Journey of Writing my Book
EBB 83 – Why Families Need Postpartum Care
Bonus Episode 5 – What Happens on a Writing Retreat?
EBB 84 – The Latest Evidence on Vitamin K and a New EBB Article Update!
Bonus Episode 6 – Inside My Editing Team of Over 30 People!
EBB 85 – The power of a well-planned birth – of twins!
Bonus Episode 7 – How Do You Get a Book Published?
EBB 86 – Handling situations beyond our control
Bonus Episode 8 – We’ve released the book cover!
EBB 87 – Cristen Pascucci on How to Disagree on Birth Topics – Respectfully!
Bonus Episode 8 – What is the theme of Babies Are not Pizzas?
EBB 88 – Ethics and Evidence on Circumcision
EBB 89 – The Journey to Medical School with Reid Johnson
EBB 90 – Hear Chapter One of My New Book, Babies Are Not Pizzas!
EBB 91 – Meet MY midwife Karen Brown – featured in Babies are Not Pizzas!
EBB 92 – Impacts of the Community Birth Worker Model with Aza Nedhari
EBB 93 – Unexpected Pre-Term Hospital Birth with Melissa Cassity
EBB 94 – Overcoming Hyperemesis Gravidarum with Leonie Dawson
EBB 95 – The State of Birth Work in NYC with Denise Bolds
EBB 96 – Communication Between Families and Providers with Nicole Loew and Stephanie Edmonds
EBB 97 – Childbirth Prep and Realistic Expectations with Parent Bethany Clay
EBB 98 – Inside a Husband/Wife Childbirth Team with Tia and Dr. Wale Ajao
EBB 99 – Plus Size Pregnancy and Birth with Jen McLellan
EBB 100 – Community Specific Birth Support with Ngozi Tibbs
EBB 101 – Gail Tully of Spinning Babies®️
EBB 102 – Advocacy When Birth Gets Tricky with Parent Bess English
EBB 103 – Identifying Areas for Social Justice with Danielle Jackson
EBB 104 – The Evidence on Saline Locks
EBB 105 – Perspectives on the Evidence Based Birth Conference with Heather Thompson and Dr. Sayida Peprah
EBB 106 – EBB Conference Series: Nurses and Doulas
EBB 107 – EBB Conference Series: Midwives
EBB 108 – EBB Conference Series: Birth Workers of Color
EBB 109 – Evidence Based Birth®️ in 2020!
EBB 110 – Inside an Unplanned, Unassisted Home Birth with Parent Sabrina Tran
EBB 111 – Positioning Breech Babies with Dr. Elliot Berlin
EBB 112 – How Evidence Based Birth®️ Changed Me as a Nurse with Jessica Hazboun
EBB 113 – The Evidence on VBAC
EBB 114 – Fighting for Birth Needs as a Single Parent with Jenny Russell
EBB 115 – Self-Advocacy in Birth, and Tongue and Lip Tie with Michelle Odoerfer
EBB 116 – Inclusion for Queer and Trans Parent Families with Danie Crofoot
EBB 117 – The Evidence on Inducing for Due Dates
EBB 118 – How to Have a Healthy Postpartum Transition with Dr. Alyssa Berlin
EBB 119 – Nurse Midwifery as a Career Option with Liane MacPherson
EBB 120 – Cholestasis in Pregnancy with Nicole Phelps
EBB 121 – Evidence on COVID-19 and Pregnancy and Birth
EBB 122 – Homebirth during the pandemic with Vicki Penwell
EBB 123 – Advocating for Yourself During Labor with Heather McCullough
EBB 124 – Health disparities, Advocacy, and the Coronavirus with Sabia Wade
EBB 125 – Evidence on Acupressure, Acupuncture and Breast Stimulation
EBB 126 – Finding the right provider, and birth in the Dominican Republic with Leiko Hidaka
EBB 127 – An unmedicated hospital birth with Katie Kane
EBB 128 – Inducing Labor with Castor Oil and Dates
EBB 129 – COVID-19 and your Childbirth Education Business with Natalie Eckdahl
EBB 130 – Home Birth in the Black Community with Isis Rose
EBB 131 – Evidence on: Pitocin® During the Third Stage of Labor

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