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Dr. Dekker is an authoritative voice who can speak to a variety of topics within the maternity care industry:


  • Maternal mortality rates
  • Racial disparities in healthcare
  • Cesarean rates
  • Midwifery care
  • Doula care
  • Home birth
  • Waterbirth
  • Labor Induction
  • Disrespect and abuse in childbirth

About Evidence Based Birth®

After the traumatic and non-evidence based birth of my daughter, I became hungry for answers. When I got pregnant again, I wanted my next birth to be different.  I wanted my baby’s birth to be evidence based. After my son was born—an incredibly empowering experience in which I received evidence-based care

After that second birth, I felt an intense drive to share what I had learned with others. I had compiled so much research evidence on birth—what if other people could benefit from it?

And so in 2012, Evidence Based Birth® was born.

 I began by posting summaries of the research evidence that I had found. The response from the public was nothing short of astounding.   Traffic to Evidence Based Birth® grew rapidly (3,500% in the first year alone!), and within months I began receiving requests to speak at  health organizations all around the world.

, Today, Evidence Based Birth® has grown beyond my wildest dreams. We are now an independent C-corp with a total of 12 staff team members who work relentlessly to make research evidence on childbirth freely accessible to the public.

The EBB website and our team are entirely funded by our continuing education programs (the EBB Professional Membership and EBB Instructor program), sales from our Online Store, and speaking engagements

So that we can remain entirely free from conflicts of interest, EBB does not accept funding, such as advertising or sponsorships, outside of these programs and product sales.

We are not a non-profit, but instead we are a “for purpose” company. We continually invest the money we earn from our hard work back into improving the articles and other free resources we offer to the public. This structure has allowed us to remain nimble and continue to expand our ability to affect change worldwide.

Through all these years, I continually remain grateful to you—my readers—for helping me decide which topics to cover, for patiently awaiting new articles, and for encouraging me, supporting me, and sharing the website with your friends.

Dr. Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN
Founder and CEO of Evidence Based Birth®


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