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Evidence Based Birth® exists to make a lasting positive impact on the lives of mothers and babies around the world.

I want to help put accurate, evidence based info into the hands of families just like yours, so that you can make informed, empowered choices and have the positive birth you deserve!

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Maggie Jennings,


Evidence Based Birth® Instructor& Professional Member

Hear from one of ourInstructors…

As a childbirth educator and doula, I know the importance of evidence-based care. However, the majority of families who are birthing in my area do not.

Being able to offer Savvy Birth Workshops to my community has been amazing — moms (and dads!) have really had their eyes opened to what “evidence-based care” actually looks like, as well as the multitude of options out there for their birth.

I’ve had parents come to me afterwards to let me know how much more at ease they felt knowing that they are not powerless and have the ultimate say in their care.

I love that I’m helping parents discover how to have evidence based care at their birth!

Hear from one of our Parents…

My name is Michelle, and the Evidence Based Birth® online course was gifted to me by my wonderful Doula (an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor)!

I was skeptical about the need for EBB in my pregnancy but I found it to be very powerful and soooo needed leading up to my labor experience.

I received the course at just the right time for my family! I was most impacted by the example of the reply “we do this for baby” or “this is just safer” as adismissive explanation when a mom inquires about anything while in pregnancy, labor or postpartum — I have personally had this occur and then experienced ramifications of taking that as a satisfactory answer.

Being our own advocates is just so important! Thank you for creating this — it has made a great impact on many moms and will continue to do so!


Soon to be mother

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