Have you ever worried about how you’re going to…

  • Stand up for what you want, all while talking respectfully with your providers
  • Increase your chances of getting your birth plan followed
  • Get past a traumatic birth in the past and have a better experience this time around
  • Set yourself up for the easiest birth scenario possible given your unique circumstances

You’re not alone in feeling like this…

Whether you’re a first time mom, or you didn’t have a positive experience with your older child’s birth, it’s common to feel anxious that you’re not going to get the birth you want.

Many expecting parents tell us that they worry a lot about who or what they might confront during childbirth.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you!

We established the Evidence Based Birth® Instructor Program to ensure that pregnant people have the local support, knowledge and empowerment they need to take ownership of their birth.

We have build up a growing network of certified doulas, certified childbirth educators, nurses, and midwives, who have been hand-picked and specially trained in evidence based care by our team.

How your Instructor can help you:

Savvy Birth Workshop:

Are you anxious about your upcoming birth? The Savvy Birth Workshop for parents was developed by Evidence Based Birth® to give you and your partner the confidence and know-how you need to have a more positive, empowering experience in the birthing room.

Private Coaching for Expecting Parents:

Your Evidence Based Birth® Instructor will work with you one-on-one to increase your confidence about your upcoming birth. Your eyes will be opened and you’ll feel much more at ease, knowing that you do have the ultimate power and say in your care.

Maggie Jennings,


Evidence Based Birth® Instructor& Professional Member

Hear from one of our Instructors…

“As a childbirth educator and doula, I know the importance of evidence-based care. However, the majority of families who are birthing in my area do not.

Being able to offer Savvy Birth Workshops to my community has been amazing — moms and dads!) have really had their eyes opened to what “ evidence based care” actually looks like, as well as the multitude of options out there for their birth.

I’ve had parents come tome afterwards to let me know how much more at ease they felt knowing that they are not powerless and have the ultimate say in their care.”

Are you a Birth Professional?

Our Instructors offer a separate range of EBB continuing education services designed for birth professionals such as Doulas, Nurses, Midwives, Childbirth Educators and Physicians.

Get your Tickets to the 2024 EBB Virtual Conference - Registration closes March 13!

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