Pain Management Series

This is a 16-week series covering everything from epidurals to acupuncture.

Pain seems to be the top factor that people worry about when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. What most people don’t know is, there are different ways to view and address the topic of pain in labor.

Massage for pain relief during labor

We discuss the evidence on using massage for pain relief during labor and for pain in general. What benefits does massage provide? What types of massage might be helpful during labor?

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Sterile Water Injections for pain relief during labor

In today’s video, we’ll learn what sterile water injections are and how they might help to provide pain relief during labor. We’ll discuss the evidence on their effectiveness and the latest clinical recommendations from a 2017 systematic review.

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Childbirth Education for Pain Relief during Labor

This video covers the evidence on childbirth education for pain relief during labor. How many people take childbirth classes and what material do they cover? We discuss the challenges of studying childbirth education interventions and go over the findings from an interesting study on this topic out of Australia.

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