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Juliet Swedlund is the director of the Topeka Doula Project, a nonprofit offering evidence based doula support to teen mothers, incarcerated and reintegrating mothers, and low-income mothers and their families. Juliet has worked as a birth doula for four years, and has 16 years experience working in health and wellness. She achieved her DONA Birth Doula certification in 2016, and became an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor in 2018.

Juliet discusses her organization’s beginnings and her inspirations, as well as the unique challenges of the underserved populations she works with. “Some of the women I work with who are incarcerated… so much is out of their control, and they do feel like the system gets to decide what it looks like,” she said. “So part of our job as doulas for those women is to help them understand that they can take an active role in what they do have control over – in what they can find autonomy in in that birth setting.” She and Rebecca also discuss funding strategies for non-profits. 

Learn more about Juliet and her work at her website. You can also follow Topeka Doula Project on Facebook and Instagram. Contact Juliet at

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