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Katie Rachanow leads the Military Birth Resource Network at the largest overseas installment in Europe, and has specialized knowledge of the military birth system.
Katie is a doula, yoga instructor, and Evidence Based Birth instructor practicing in Germany. She recently moved there following a two-year tour in Colorado Springs and a five-year tour in the UK. 

Katie shares how having her first child in the UK launched her career as a birth worker, and how she operates exclusively in a military setting. She notes that the main problem for birth in the military is continuity of care. “Everybody is moving around constantly – nobody ever stays put.” Additionally, people often end up birthing on their own, as their partner may be deployed or on duty, and their families cannot afford to travel to where they are. “I’ve had a lot of instances where moms have been alone – just by themselves – until it’s time for delivery,” she said. Together, Katie and I brainstorm ways to promote funding of doula support for military members, and build relationships among birth workers in new communities.

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