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In this episode I interview Ms. Charlotte Marie Shilo-Goudeau, one of three African American women in the state of Louisiana to hold the title of Licensed Certified Professional Midwife. She is the founder of “P.Y.O.B.E. (Pick Your Own Birthing Experience) with Mama CHAR’s Birthing Service,” located in the rural area of Maringouin, LA.

Ms. Charlotte has committed her life work to serving women who lack resources needed to ensure positive and healthy prenatal and perinatal outcomes. By coining and implementing her “CPM’s Preventative Cup of TEA Philosophy”, she uses strategies of training, evidence-based education, and advocating to help bring awareness to the disparities found in misrepresented and underserved communities. Her “TEA Philosophy” helps to prevent negative health outcomes and brings awareness to the institutionalized limitations placed on all women of childbearing years, especially minorities. With her hard work and dedication she bridges the gap of communication between midwives, clients, and other healthcare providers. 

Ms. Charlotte became an Evidence Based Birth  Instructor after passing an advanced training in “How to Help Families Receive Evidence Based Care” in 2018. We discuss strategies to overcome adversity – both for birthing people and birth professionals – as well as ways to make your voice heard and/or provide support within your realm of influence.

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