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Jenn D’Jamoos is a CAPPA-certified childbirth educator and Evidence Based Birth Instructor, human rights activist and mom of four who lives in Michigan. She founded the Livingston County Birth Circle in 2013 to serve the needs of families in her area. While the stated goal of the LCBC is to provide non-judgmental support to expectant and new families, the organization also works to elevate conversation surrounding the birth experience.  Jenn recently enrolled in White Woman School through Mothering Justice to explore opportunities for anti-racism work in the context of perinatal education.

Jenn and I discuss the importance of birth settings and putting care provider relationships into proper perspective, as well as the use of motivational interviewing to help guide people through changes without telling them what to do. We also brainstorm ways to help people birth experiences with supportive dialogue, without reigniting feelings of trauma or stress.

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