REPLAY – EBB 149: Shifting from Hospital Labor and Delivery Nurse to Home Birth Advocate with Melissa Anne DuBois

Don't miss an episode! Subscribe to our podcast and leave a review!  iTunes  |  Spotify  | YouTube For Nurse's Week 2024, we wanted to share a replay of one of our favorite episodes at EBB, and that is an interview with Melissa Anne DuBois about shifting from hospital...

EBB 311 – Creating a Community-Led Birth Center in New York City with Myla Flores of the Womb Bus

Don't miss an episode! Subscribe to our podcast and leave a review!  iTunes  |  Spotify  | YouTube Join us in diving deep into Myla Flores' incredible story of becoming a leader and visionary in the birth field! From Myla's early experiences as a birth doula to her...

EBB 310 – Doulas & Nurses Advocating Together for Positive Shifts in Birth Culture with Joyce Dykema, EBB Instructor & Brianna Fields, RN

Don't miss an episode! Subscribe to our podcast and leave a review!  iTunes  |  Spotify  | YouTube Dr. Rebecca Dekker is joined by Joyce Dykema, doula and EBB Instructor, and Brianna Fields, a labor and delivery nurse, to discuss advocating for positive shifts in...

EBB 308 – The Intersection of Environmental Justice and Midwifery Care with Dr. Tanya Khemet Taiwo

Don't miss an episode! Subscribe to our podcast and leave a review!  iTunes  |  Spotify  | YouTube Curious which toxins should be most avoided for people of reproductive age and their children? In this episode, Dr. Tanya Khemet Taiwo, LM, CPM, MPH, PhD unravels the...

Hello! My name is Rebecca Dekker, and I am a nurse with my PhD and the founder of Evidence Based Birth®. For decades, the vast majority of birth research evidence has been locked away in medical journals. I believe in putting the evidence back in the hands of the people who need it the most: birthing people and their and families.  Learn More >


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Signature Articles:

Our Signature Articles are the foundation of Evidence Based Birth. We spend a tremendous amount of time on the research, preparation, writing and presentation of each article, as well as course development surrounding these topics. They are peer reviewed by experts in the field. Signature Articles are updated regularly, with each edition covering a thorough dive into all new evidence. Our blog articles are released more frequently, and cover more specific aspects of a given topic. We use print, podcast and video to convey these up-to-date glimpses into hot topics, and may use our research in these areas to springboard into more in-depth examination in future Signature Articles. In all – we do our absolute best to bring you the latest evidence on every topic we cover.

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