Evidencia sobre: El ensayo ARRIVE

Rebecca Dekker PhD, RN, APRN   The ARRIVE Trial (A Randomized Trial of Induction Versus Expectant Management) Escrito por Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN. Traducido por Irma Varela ¿Por qué se llevó a cabo el ensayo ARRIVE? El estudio ARRIVE (Ensayo Clínico Aleatorizado sobre...

EBB 111 – Positioning Breech Babies with Dr. Elliot Berlin

Don't miss an episode! Subscribe to our podcast:  iTunes  |  Stitcher In this episode I am joined by Dr. Elliot Berlin, an award-winning prenatal chiropractor, childbirth educator, and labor support body worker. He is the co-founder of Berlin Wellness Group in Los...

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EBB 110 – Inside an Unplanned, Unassisted Home Birth with Parent Sabrina Tran

Don't miss an episode! Subscribe to our podcast:  iTunes  |  Stitcher In this episode, I am joined by Sabrina Tran of Alabama, who recently had a daughter, and took the Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Class with Instructor Traci Weafer. Sabrina, a therapist, is now a...

Hello! My name is Rebecca Dekker, and I am a nurse with my PhD and the founder of Evidence Based Birth®. For decades, the vast majority of birth research evidence has been locked away in medical journals. I believe in putting the evidence back in the hands of the people who need it the most: birthing people and their and families.  Learn More >


Evidence and Ethics on: Circumcision

Male circumcision is defined as the partial or total surgical removal of the foreskin (also called prepuce), which is specialized tissue that covers the head (or glans) of the penis.

In this article, we explore the research evidence as well as the ethical debate around routine circumcisions performed on...

Evidence on: Induction for Gestational Diabetes

Some providers encourage people with gestational diabetes (GDM) to plan elective induction at early term since they are at increased risk of complications from high blood sugar. Is this an evidence-based recommendation? Find out in our new article all about induction for gestational diabetes!


Diagnosing Gestational Diabetes and the Glucola Test

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is high blood sugar that develops during pregnancy. Most people in the U.S. drink "Glucola" as part of a routine screening test for GDM. This article will explain the evidence for diagnosing gestational diabetes, and discuss the potential risks linked to the condition, as well as...

Pain Management during Labor

In this video and article, we talk all about pain management during labor. You will learn the difference between “pain” and “suffering”, the approaches in pain management during labor and birth, and the types of pain management strategies.


Effect of Epidurals on Breastfeeding

In this video, we talk all about the potential effect of epidurals on breastfeeding. You'll learn about how the dose of an epidural can affect your baby's breastfeeding behaviors. You'll also learn ways to overcome challenges that you might face with breastfeeding after an epidural.

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