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In this episode, I am joined by Melissa Cassity to talk about her experience taking the Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Class, and how it came into play during her unexpected pre-term birth. 

Melissa has a 13-month old son and lives in South Carolina with her husband, Kelby.  She works as an instructional designer for an educational technology company. She and Kelby were among the first students of the EBB Childbirth Class, which they took with EBB Instructor Mary Kury. Melissa has a longstanding passion for maternal health, and had wanted a natural birth for a long time. Her son Ezra arrived early – at the tail end of 34 weeks – so Melissa and Kelby actually had him with them at their final few childbirth classes, and were able to share their birth story with fellow students. 

Listen today to hear how, even though almost all aspects of her birth were unexpected, Melissa and Kelby felt prepared, involved, and respected during a birth with many interventions.

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