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In this episode, I am joined by Denise Bolds, a New York City-based medical social worker and DONA International certified birth doula. She specializes in high-risk VBACs and first time pregnancies, as well as same-sex and hospital births. She also supports breastfeeding, and is an Evidence Based Birth Instructor.

Denise has served as a regional director with DONA International, and she is a published author of a self-help book called Raising Princes to be Kings: A Single Black Mother’s Guide to Raising Her Black Son. She has a successful blog called The Audacious Black Woman, as well as an internet radio show – Birth While Black – which reflects her passion for maternal health disparities awareness, and equity in birth work.

We talk about the political atmosphere surrounding doula work, particularly in New York City, as well as what it’s like to give birth in the complex healthcare systems of NYC. We also look ahead to the state of maternity care in 2020.

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Follow Denise on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

Check out Denise’s book, Raising Princes to be Kings, here.

More of Denise’s content: The Audacious Black Woman blog and Birth While Black podcast.

Find the Black Mamas Matter paper on doula reimbursement here.

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