Below are real life stories submitted by people around the world for our recently published Article – The Evidence On: Failure to Progress.

Monica’s Story

Monica had a very long labor. It started spontaneously on Wednesday and by Friday (with the help of an epidural and Pitocin) Monica reached the pushing stage. After about 15 minutes of pushing, they discovered that baby was posterior and was completely blocked by her pelvic bone. Her doctor tried turning the baby but it did not work. At 3 AM on Saturday her baby was born by Cesarean. “It was not what I had envisioned or originally wanted but I am just so overjoyed that he is here.”





Jessica’s Story

“I had contractions every 10 minutes for three nights, then the next day about 13 hours of labor, including around 4-5 hours of pushing. My daughter’s heart tones were great the whole time, and she was born vaginally at home in a birth pool under the care of a wonderful midwife. I caught her myself. She had a nuchal cord and a big old bruise on her head.”





Tara’s Story

After a doctor’s appointment, Tara was admitted to labor and delivery because she was 4 cm and having contractions (and she lived 40 minutes away.) Tara ended up spending the next 20 hours in labor, using natural methods (instead of Pitocin) to speed up her labor. After two hours of pushing, she had a normal vaginal birth.






Foxy’s Story

Foxy conceived via IVF and had a history of a LEEP procedure that may have caused scarring on her cervix. At 43 weeks, her planned home birth turned into a hospital induction with cervical ripening using Cytotec. After 20 hours of hard labor (including opting for an epidural) the doctors started talking about a C-section because she was still at only 2 cm. In less than an hour she dilated from 2 cm to 10 cm and had a vaginal birth after a total of 24 hours of induced labor and 45 minutes of pushing.





Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth was induced for a suspected big baby. After cervical ripening and a diagnosis of “failed induction” after only 8 hours of Pitocin, Elizabeth says, ““My daughter was born at 4:16pm and my doctor was home for supper… When I see this picture I see a woman who has resigned herself to her failure and is trying desperately to fake it until she makes it. To put a smile on for the future days when she will look back at this picture with her daughter and tell her about the day she was born and needs to have something to show her it was a wonderful day! I still don’t know how that conversation will go, but she will know she was welcomed with joy and love regardless of the mode of her entrance.”




Kelsey’s Story

Kesley’s water broke at 39 weeks and she went into labor on her own. After 30 hours of labor and increasing amounts of Pitocin, her doctor recommended a Cesarean even though both mom and baby were doing fine. “In retrospect I think the main reason the doctor wanted to do surgery was that it was getting late on a Friday evening and he wanted to go home.”






Ashley’s Story

“When I was in middle school I had a dance injury that twisted my pelvis. I always knew that having a vaginal birth would mean a lot of work on my part and my baby’s part but thankfully none of my practitioners ever doubted me. This is a picture from my first baby’s birth: I had 58 hours of unmedicated labor before my daughter was born vaginally. My husband Mark and our doula, Robin, never gave up on us and provided endless encouragement. My perinatologist never once mentioned Pitocin or AROM. When I looked tired, the doctor brought me a turkey sandwich and encouraged me to eat. My daughter was a happy and healthy 9 lbs 2 oz and just needed the gift of time. We were blessed to have a team who believed in our ability to have our baby the way we wanted.”




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