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Heidi’s Story

8“After interviewing doulas for the birth of our first child and then having such a wonderful experience with Heidi, it seemed only natural to invite her back for the birth of our second baby.
So now, having had two births with her on our team, I can confidently say that Heidi is an amazing and incredibly supportive doula, and it would be difficult to find someone I’d rather have supporting my wife and I in labor.
As a husband and dad, I think there’s a lot of guys out there who either don’t want to become actively involved in planning the birth experience, or else feel like they may not be able to help very much while their wife is in labor. My experience has shown me that, whether you’re giving birth in the hospital, birth center, or at home, your impact and ability to connect and support your wife during the birth process is both supported and maximized by having a doula there on your team.
Like us, even if you’re planning on having a quiet, relaxed home birth experience where things are more familiar, my personal advice would still be to have Heidi there. Why? Well, in the midst of the whole birth experience, even as a confident, supportive, attentive husband here at home, I realized there was still so very much support, guidance, and care that Heidi provided. My primary goal was to be there by my wife’s side and have everything go perfectly for her – and while I was doing that, Heidi went above and beyond to support both her and I in making sure that our ideal birth plan could be a reality.
So, even if you’ve decided already to have a doula at your birth, let me still say that there’s a large gap between ‘a doula’, and Heidi. She’s all the good things you might hope any doula would be, but her caring, supportive, and encouraging personality, combined with her extensive experience and knowledge are what truly make her the best doula for any birth.”

Katja’s Story

1“My doula (Tammy Uva) was amazing. My husband was deployed but present via skype for the whole thing. Thanks to Tammy I was still able to have my homebirth. My daughter (Myla, age 4) is a little doula-to-be.”






Jessica’s Story

10“We hired two doulas! We were trying for a VBA2C, and while we didn’t have the expected outcome after 36 hours of labor, we had the most beautiful, amazing birth experience because of these ladies. Three years later, I still cherish every moment they were there supporting me. I would not have been able to heal emotionally after my sons birth if they had not made my birthing experience so beautiful and respected. This photo is of all my birth team supporting me through a very hard birthing wave. Each touch reminding me that I was strong, and could get through it. In the end, we welcome a sweet boy via a very gentle CBAC.”



Joyce’s Story

11“I am a doula myself. When my husband and I were expecting our third baby, we hired my two backup doulas. One of our doulas (the photographer here) has been by my side through all three births. The other doula, pictured here supporting me, has been a wonderful friend and colleague, and is now also a part of my birth stories. My doulas supported me unconditionally and without judgement through an unexpected and stressful third trimester change in birth setting, all of my childbirth knowledge leaving my brain when my water broke before contractions began, my second experience with back labor, and helping to make all of my plans for our family-centered birth come true. This photograph of my third labor is so special to me. Three doulas. One birthing, one supporting, one capturing the beauty of the moment.”



Nada’s Story

13“Having a doula with me during my second birth was one of the best decisions I made. I am from Egypt and having a doula is not a common thing here. She was a great support through the whole journey of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. She was the greatest support, so I could breastfeed my baby just after he was born (while the surgeon was stitching my incision). My baby has never been taken from me (which is very common in Egyptian hospitals after CS) She came to my home after birth to make sure that I am doing well with breastfeeding. The whole thing was a great experience!”



Jamie’s Story

15“I was planning a hospital birth and knew I wanted a doula to help me through labor with no interventions. I also knew I wanted a doula to support my husband. But as my due date came closer, a hospital birth wasn’t what I wanted after all. I talked to my doula about having a home birth and she supported me all the way. I had a long labor and she was there for each contraction as baby came closer. She helped me breathe. She helped me trust my body and my baby. Her touch reminded me I wasn’t alone. Her voice was calming and reassuring when I was ready to give up. Her presence and support let my husband know I was safe when he was scared. Without her our fears would have won. We are so grateful she was with us. Holding our hands and giving us strength.”


Becky’s Story

8“Our doula was amazing and invaluable at the birth of our twins. She communicated with my health professionals on my behalf to ensure I had everything I wanted for a family centered cesarean- it was a beautiful, peaceful, positive experience! My doula was allowed in the operating room and snapped these photos for us. We would not of had the same experience without her!”





Krista’s Story

16“This is at my fourth sons birth. I had prodromal labor for 3 weeks. My doula helped me to stay calm and focused. She helped me to find ways to scope with end of pregnancy stressors and family drama that was occurring in the weeks before our delivery. It was my goal to labor at home for as long as possible(that was 3 hours for me). I wanted to treat early labor as normal as possible, eat, drink, take a bath, rest, etc and I knew that that would be made possible by having my doula just a phone call away. We had him in lawrenceburg TN with our midwife and doula. We live in AL, 40 minutes from the birth location.thanks to being able to relax in my own home After we got to the birth location and after being checked it was such a relief to look up and see that my doula had made it! She sat up the tub in record time all while keeping the atmosphere upbeat and peaceful! The birth tub was filled then I hoped in and pushed 3x and baby was here.
I loved my birth experience so much and I wouldn’t change one thing about it!”

Misty’s Story

12“I hired my doula, Traci Weafer, for my 5th birth. With Traci by my side along with my midwife, Vicki Brooks CNM, I was finally able to achieve the med-free birth I’d always wanted after giving birth 4 previous times (with out a doula) and succumbing to the pain and getting an epidural even though I’d told myself and my husband and midwife every time that I wanted to do it medication free.”





Photo by Rebekah Mustaleski of www.RootsAndWingsMidwifery.com. © Growing Wings Photography.

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5Dawn’s photo of herself and her Doula, Kate from my last birth in June 2012







6Brinda and her Doula








14“I am a doula. This is a photo of me doula-ing another doula.”








9Misty’s Story

“I don’t believe in coincidences… My doctor had recommended that I consider finding a doula due to my unique circumstances. A few weeks later I was at a dinner and Feven was also there. I was about four months pregnant, someone had mentioned that Feven was a doula and we agreed to talk more later. Feven became my doula soon after. She became a permanent fixture on my Blackberry and she would regularly check in to see how I was feeling; always recommending things to help when I had certain issues. I probably asked a lot of dumb questions and she always listened and provided me with resources and options. Even though Feven was on crutches, she came with me to my birthing classes and made me feel comfortable. She continued checking on me throughout my pregnancy and visited me at home providing books to read and DVDs to watch. It was important to me that my mother would be included in some way during the birth so Feven met my mother and we were all on the same page as to what was expected. Feven helped me with my birth plan and we discussed various options as I had intended on having a natural drug-free delivery. At 41.5 weeks, Feven was with me a few hours after my labour started and returned when the contractions became more aggressive. Due to complications I ended up having a c-section and Feven was calm and reassuring during the procedure. She brought my daughter Allegra to me to hold when I was still on the table and after my tears of joy; she made me feel at ease knowing that Allegra would be in good hands while I was in recovery for a few hours. When I was wheeled into my room in the maternity ward, Feven and my mother came in with Allegra. Feven helped to make sure that Allegra had latched on and stayed for several hours returning that night to make sure we were okay. There were also follow-up visits and checkups after the birth. I would not hesitate to recommend Feven as a doula. She is wise, calm, loving and compassionate. She was a Godsend and has become a true friend to me and an Auntie to Allegra. There is a special bond we will always share. As I was saying earlier, I don’t believe in coincidences. Things happen for a reason… Big love and thanks to Feven for all of her guidance and support xo”


17Tana: “She was my rock!”








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