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Introducing evidence based Birth® Higher Ed

Take away the stress of worrying about how your students will get all their clinical hours this semester.


Our Higher Ed features a Complimentary Student Dashboard which helps you bring virtual Evidence Based Birth® content into your college and university programs! [Yes… for free!]


Hi everyone, 

My name is Rebecca Dekker. I am the founder of Evidence Based Birth®, and I love working with students and their professors!  

I worked closely with nursing students, doctoral students, and honors undergraduate students in a large research university for nearly 15 years. Based on real-life courses I taught on evidence based maternity care, I have developed 18 hours of video lectures, discussion sheets, quizzes, and exam questions on important topics that can be used in midwifery, nursing, medicine, and other health-related programs! 

The Evidence Based Birth® Higher Ed program gives faculty the assurance that their students are learning the most recent, evidence-based information about childbirth. Professors can spend less time lecture planning and more time engaging with their students, working on clinical reasoning, and preparing them for the real world!   

I look forward to getting to know you as we work together to educate the next generation of evidence-based clinicians! 


Rebecca Dekker

PhD, RN, Founder of Evidence Based Birth®

What if every semester started with peace of mind, knowing that your students will be able to access 18 video-based content hours on evidence based maternity care?


August 15: You log into your Canvas (or other learning management system) and add links to the EBB Modules you want to assign to your students. You decide upon 6 EBB Modules that you’d like them to complete this semester, and simply drop those links into the Canvas modules, assigning due dates to the students for completion.

September 1: Students receive their syllabus and instructions to sign up for their complimentary six months of access. They navigate to the link they’re given and create their account in less than a minute! If they want to buy access to the EBB Professional Membership (a separate website, with continuing education contact hours and a supportive community), they have the option to purchase that additional access at a student scholarship rate. 

September 15: Their first EBB module, “Evidence Based Maternity Care,” is due in Canvas. Students download the lecture handouts, watch the module on their own time, take the quiz, and download their certificate of completion. Students upload their certificate into Canvas, proving that they completed the EBB module. They also look over the EBB discussion questions that you’ve posted in Canvas, knowing that they will be required to discuss these questions in your upcoming class.  

September 17: During a class session with your students (perhaps by Zoom video chat), the class engages in a lively discussion about evidence based maternity care. Your students are prepared, ready to go, and excited to share the insights they learned from the videos.   

September 30: On their first exam of the semester, you include application-level questions from your EBB Faculty Test Bank.  

It’s that simple! 

Much of your lecture planning work has been done for you—all you have to do is teach! 


Higher Ed Features:



  • Six 30-minute interviews with experts and parents that you can display in class (a virtual “guest speaker”), or assign to students to watch
  • A library of discussion sheets you can use with your students
  • Test bank of application-level questions


  • Graphics you can use in your Canvas site 


What others are saying when they see the program:

“You have created an extraordinary resource!! I am so excited to replace one of our outdated textbooks with the EBB Student Dashboard!”
Midwifery professor


“From an administrative standpoint, this makes so much sense! We’ve been looking for ways for our students to do more OB activities outside of class, because we struggle to find enough hours in our clinical locations. Using the Student Dashboard would allow us to assign students activities on their own, saving us valuable faculty time and resources.”
Nursing professor and University administrator


“I love the discussion sheets and exam questions that you provide to faculty! What a great way to integrate EBB content into midwifery programs.”
Midwife educator

“I am absolutely LOVING every piece of the material that I have been able to study so far.  I love that you decided to deliver the modules in video format, it really resonates with me and my learning style.  I feel like a sponge soaking up all of this knowledge and supercharged with energy to use this knowledge within the birth space and with my clients. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.”

-Doula in training

Pricing Options

Student access must be applied for by a school employee or teacher/faculty


    • Student Dashboard inside the EBB Higher Ed site FREE for 6 months
    • 18 student video modules + quizzes and certificates
    • Video interviews with guest speakers
    • Faculty access to discussion guide and test bank
    • Totally free… no hidden costs! 



    •  Everything included in the complimentary access 
    • Students can opt to pay $100 for 12 months’ Professional Membership inside the EBB Academy
    • Includes advanced courses with 20+ contact hours that are good towards nursing and midwifery certifications 
    • PDF Library to use with clients + a supportive inter-professional community

    Here a some frequently asked questions to ensure the EBB HigherEd program is right for you!

    Can my university purchase the Exclusive Access for my students?


    • Yes! When you fill out the HigherEd Application form, make sure you select the correct option on the final question so we can send you additional information regarding the paid version.
    Currently, I train doulas and am not part of a university. Can I still apply?
    • No, not at this time. We are only accepting applications from colleges and universities; however we do offer excellent doula resources with our EBB Professional Membership.
    I am a student and would like access to other EBB resources. Can I get additional access?
    • Yes! Students who want EBB resources can apply directly for a student scholarships for Professional Membership here 
    I work for a non-profit, can we use this course for our volunteers?
    • No, not at this time.This resource is used for academic programs. It is possible that your volunteers and staff could be eligible for a scholarship to the EBB Professional Membership. If they are not eligible, you can reach out to info@evidencebasedbirth.com for a discounted group rate.

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    If you have additional questions not listed in the FAQs, go ahead and post them here, and someone from our team will get back to you!

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