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In this episode, we’ll listen to my husband Dan Dekker and our brother-in-law Ryan talk about their experiences on becoming fathers and watching the births of their children. As we are approaching Father’s Day in the U.S., I wanted to do something special and share this interview that I recorded when I was teaching a college class on childbirth. We were discussing the importance of not only listening to the stories of people who give birth, but also their partners – because birth can be a life-altering experience for the partner as well as the birthing person.

You’ll hear both Dan and Ryan recall the experiences of watching each of their three children be born. They will also answer a really fascinating question: What’s good about being a parent? Studies are showing that many of today’s young people are reluctant to start families as they view it as disruptive to their lives. Dan’s and Ryan’s perspectives on fatherhood may surprise you.

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