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In this episode, I interview Dr. Nicole Rankins about the role of a hospitalist obstetrician, and how families can prepare themselves to have a safe and fulfilling birth in a hospital setting. Nicole is a wife and mother to two girls, an obstetrician/gynecologist, a podcast host, and an integrative health coach. She did her residency at Duke University, and also did a research fellowship at UNC Chapel Hill. Nicole currently practices at a community hospital in Virginia, and she loves helping women enjoy healthy births and healthy lives. She started the All About Pregnancy and Birth podcast in 2019, and she offers online childbirth education. As a hospitalist obstetrician, 99% of her work is on the labor and delivery unit.

We talk about the role of the hospitalist and what women need to know about this model of care, as well as Nicole’s preventative and health promotion work in her community. We also discuss the problem of compassion fatigue, and the struggles and pressures faced by physicians in connecting with the wider birth world. 

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