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In this episode, I interview Noel and Joel Smothers, missionaries who gave birth to their first child last fall. They currently live in North Carolina but will be heading back to Brazil soon. Noel felt it was really important to have a vaginal birth if at all possible, so that she could continue to have future vaginal births when she’s living in countries with less developed health systems. They took the Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Class with Instructor Mary Kury.

I was so impressed by this couple. They had a very challenging birth. Noel managed a vaginal delivery of a large baby who was presenting face first – a very rare presentation that usually triggers a c-section. Noel also had a difficult pregnancy and intense back labor. We talk about how the EBB Childibrth Class prepared both Noel and Joel to face these challenges successfully. We also discuss postpartum and newborn care.

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