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In this second episode of the Evidence Based Birth® podcast, Rebecca Dekker, PhD, RN, shares the true definition of evidence based care, and talks about the different kind of evidence you can read about your birth options.

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Evidence on: Due Dates

Evidence on: Due Dates

What is an estimated due date, and how is it determined? What are the risks of going past your due date? Does induction increase the risk of Cesarean? At which point do the benefits of being electively induced outweigh the risks? Does a person’s goals and preferences for their births

Studies that Calculate Risk of Stillbirth by Gestational Age

Studies since 1987 calculating risk of stillbirth by gestational age Note: There are a couple of limitations when researchers try to figure out the risk of stillbirth by gestational age. First, the gestational age may not be accurate, especially if it comes from birth...

Racial Disparities in Childbirth

Racial Disparities in Childbirth

 Racial Disparities in Childbirth In this video (an excerpt from an EBB continuing education class), you will learn why black women and babies in America are dying at higher rates in childbirth than white women. Learning Outcomes: Describe disparities in birth...

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