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In this episode, I cover all the evidence to date on COVID-19 and pregnancy.

This is an uncertain time and many are feeling a range of emotions. Our goal remains the same: to provide you with friendly, accessible, evidence based information so that you can make informed decisions. During a global pandemic, our goal is more important than ever.

I’ve been working nonstop with Evidence Based Birth Research Editor Anna Bertone, MPH, to stay abreast of new research that comes out nearly every day about COVID-19. This podcast covers the latest as of March 23, 2020.

At Evidence Based Birth®, we have the following measures for responding to COVID-19:


  • We will continue our mission of making birth evidence freely available to public. We will continue to release new research evidence on COVID-19 each Monday to our email list as it emerges.
  • We will be releasing several free resources to public! We will have a free birthing class available on YouTube: ‘Birthing in the time of COVID-19 Crash Course’
  • Our EBB Instructors are teaching totally online during the pandemic. Our EBB Instructors are also taking distance learning students for Childbirth Class. Visit for all workshops and seminars, and for childbirth classes.
  • We have created a virtual doula directory made up of EBB Professional Members and Instructors who can offer virtual doula services during this time:
  • We also have a legal wavier forthcoming for mothers who are infected with COVID-19 and wish to decline mother/infant separation.

Stay empowered, read more :

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