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We can’t wait to get the “EBB Podcast Listening Guide” into your hands! This is a limited available pre-order for the physical spiral bound workbook at a reduced rate!


The wait list will get early access to order on Thursday, June 8, 2022!

If you want a Podcast Listening Guide of your own, you will only a limited amount of time to reserve your copy, so you’ll want to get your order in as soon as possible!

The last day to pre-order a copy will be Tuesday, June 20th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are the physical guides available for pre-order only?
A: At this time, our Physical Podcast Listening Guide will be available for pre-order only. This means your pre-order will guarantee your purchase of the product. It also means it will take an additional 4-6 weeks for you to receive your product after pre-orders close on June 20. We will email you when your order has shipped with a tracking number.
Q: What are the bonus resources included?
A: We are so excited to include our recently updated handout on Nitrous Oxide, which was only available to Pro Members and parents who enrolled in the EBB Childbirth Class. You will also get access to a password protected web page linked to additional episodes, videos, and references curated for our podcast community!
Q: What are the shipping and return details?
A: We ship anywhere in the world. Shipping costs increase for international locations. For returns, please review our return policy here
Q: Is this a limited time offer?
A: Yes! We don’t know when we will offer this sale again. Once the pre-order time period is over, the option to purchase at the discounted price will be removed from the shop!


Want a Sneak Peek?

BRAND NEW Podcast Listening Guide ($59 USD) – The Podcast Listening Guide is a 53-page, double-sided spiral bound workbook which serves as a companion for you while listening to the EBB podcast. Listen and learn as you embark on a journey to soak up as much information about birth as possible! 

Contents include: 

  • Engaging and interactive worksheets with journal prompts to facilitate learning
  • Access to curated playlists and special resources related to the episodes
  • Organized to-do lists and a handy way to keep all your notes in one place
  • Access to all of our Signature Article handouts in a spiral bound workbook and 2 bonus handouts on Nitrous Oxide and the ARRIVE trial and MORE!

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