Wrap-up of Pain Management Series

This wrap-up of pain management series covers the many different drug and non-drug comfort measures during labor. Learn our overall takeaway.

Breathing for pain relief during labor

Many childbirth classes teach breathing for pain relief during labor. But is there evidence that this is effective? Which breathing techniques work best?

Relaxation for Pain Relief During Labor

Is relaxation for pain relief effective? Learn techniques that can be used during labor and find out which (if any) are supported by evidence.

Rebozo during Labor for Pain Relief

What is a rebozo? You’ll learn how using a rebozo during labor may help with pain relief. We’ll discuss its traditional use and the limited research evidence.


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Nitrous Oxide During Labor

In this video you will learn about nitrous oxide gas and how it can be used during labor for pain relief. We discuss the research evidence on nitrous oxide during labor and the main pros and cons of this approach to pain management.


Effects of IV Opioids during Labor

In this video and blog post you will learn all about the effects of IV opioids during labor. Which types of drugs are commonly used? How are they different? We will discuss potential side effects and summarize the pros and cons.


Effects of Epidurals on the Second Stage of Labor

Today's video is all about the effects of epidurals on the second stage of labor, or the pushing phase. We will look at the research to see if epidurals lengthen the second stage or make no difference. The findings from a new study in China may surprise you!


Effect of Epidurals on Breastfeeding

In this video, we talk all about the potential effect of epidurals on breastfeeding. You'll learn about how the dose of an epidural can affect your baby's breastfeeding behaviors. You'll also learn ways to overcome challenges that you might face with breastfeeding after an epidural.


Evidence on: Waterbirth

In this article, we discuss the evidence on waterbirth. Is waterbirth safe? Are there any benefits? Are there any risks to the baby? Learn the research on this and more in our popular article on waterbirth.

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