Pain Management Series

This is a 16-week series covering everything from epidurals to acupuncture.

Pain seems to be the top factor that people worry about when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. What most people don’t know is, there are different ways to view and address the topic of pain in labor.

Effects of Epidurals on the Second Stage of Labor

Today’s video is all about the effects of epidurals on the second stage of labor, or the pushing phase. We will look at the research to see if epidurals lengthen the second stage or make no difference. The findings from a new study in China may surprise you!

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Effect of Epidurals on Breastfeeding

In this video, we talk all about the potential effect of epidurals on breastfeeding. You’ll learn about how the dose of an epidural can affect your baby’s breastfeeding behaviors. You’ll also learn ways to overcome challenges that you might face with breastfeeding after an epidural.

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Pain Management during Labor

In this video and article, we talk all about pain management during labor. You will learn the difference between “pain” and “suffering”, the approaches in pain management during labor and birth, and the types of pain management strategies.

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