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In this episode, I interview Carissa Hipsher, a parent who was pressured into a cesarean for breech positioning. Carissa lives with her husband and three month old baby in Columbus, Ohio, and is working on obtaining her PhD in environmental science. She had a surprise breech positioning at the end of her pregnancy, and was pressured into a cesarean very quickly. After that experience, she decided to become more involved in examining the evidence on breech positioning and its different delivery options, as well as advocating for pregnant families’ rights.

After compiling the evidence on breech delivery and asking to present it to her hospital management to help future families have more choices in birth, Carissa received little response. Now she is working on getting a modified version of the letter she sent to the hospital published in a national obstetrics journal. She is also focusing on processing her birth, including talking to other women who had unplanned c-sections.

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